Live Life Laughing: Trees 3

#CthulhuCthursday An ancient god rises from the leaves in the forest. Rising VERY VERY VERY slowly.
John Moffitt on Twitter

Q: Why did the tree need to take a nap?
A: For rest

Rainforest Undergrowth By Dr Morley Read
Rain Forest Undergrowth from Fine Art America

Q: How do trees access the internet?
A: They log on.

Chapel Rock & a very tenacious tree, to say the least. The white pine on top gets most of it's nutrients through that mass of roots that bridge the gap between Chapel Rock and the neighboring cliff face. The roots have been exposed for 50+ years.
Chapel Rock, Photo by djblock99 on

Q: Did you know I can cut down a dead tree just by looking at it?
A. It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes!

the tree that looks like a man by Cpt. Obvious, via Flickr

Q: Where to saplings go to learn?
A: Elementree school

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