“If you don’t want your spiritual life transformed, then put this book down and walk away!

When Keith Korver first introduced our local gathering of Jesus followers to the simple spiritual blueprint that is now unpacked for everyone in Strike the Match, I do not exaggerate in stating that it has been life-changing for both my wife and me. Every crisis, adversity, obstacle, failure, trial, and difficulty we have experienced since digesting the contents of this book has immediately become for us a chain reaction of praise moment. For at every breaking point, we return to the simple, yet profound, principles contained in this book. Instead of getting mired in fear, worry, and anxiety, we immediately strike the match of praise and begin the active faith journey into the power of prayer, overcoming evil, and maturing toward the full realization of our true and eternal position in Christ.”
~ Tom Vander Well, CEO at Intelligentics and “Wayfarer” blogger

Our world is broken, but do not be overwhelmed. God has provided everything you need to live what you believe. If you ever feel abandoned or reach for faith and can’t find it, start praising God. Praise is the spark that lights the bonfire of faith God has already placed inside you, and your interior barriers such as guilt, fear, or pain burn away. The sequence from praise to faith in the chain reaction (see header) moves you to the powerful weapon of prayer. You are battle-ready! Filled with Holy Spirit power and authority (Acts 1:8) and dressed in the armor of God (Ephesians 6), you can overcome evil. As your relationship with God grows, you will live as a Word and Spirit overcomer on earth and for eternity to come.

Strike the Match, Light the Fire gives you true stories, thorough Scriptural investigation, and discussion opportunities as it encourages you to put your faith into action. As a bonus, co-author Keith Korver and I prepared six short videos that introduce each link in the chain.

Both the Strike the Match, Light the Fire and the video package (as a download) are available on the “Book Shop” on this website. (Videos available September 2021.)

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“What encourages me about this book entitled, “Strike the Match,” are the stories told within it. Why? The stories shared are true, for I know the story tellers and am mindful of the challenges they have faced as they sought to “strike the match” of faith through what is called ‘the chain reaction of praise’…”
 ~ Kevin Korver, Sr Pastor, Third Church, Pella, IA

“We live in a world that seems to be moving faster and faster … I love how Kathleen takes the reader through those stories of the past and shows that they still apply today… This book is a ‘must read’ for those of us who are trying to make sense out of this life while being obedient to what God has for us.”
~ Jayson Henry, CEO at The Well, http://www.thewelliowa.com

“Faith doesn’t keep us out of trouble nor does it prevent bad things from happening, but it does help us get through them. But what do you do when your faith seems to drift away? In Strike the Match, authors Kathleen Evenhouse and Keith Korver provide thoughtful ideas for getting through hard times and help make sense in a world gone crazy.”
~ Dirk Wierenga, Author, Documentary Filmmaker, and Photographer