Cover2Kathleen’s newly-published book, Disable the Label, focuses on the labels we are given in life. This topical Bible study encourages exploration, discussion, and belief in the label God has given all who believe in him.

“Ruth’s society declared her to be worthless—a widow without children—but she refused to believe it,” Kathleen said. Ruth chose instead to develop a relationship with God, who equipped her with perseverance and endurance to look beyond her circumstances, beyond her LOSER label, and survive tragedy and loneliness.

Even though thousands of years have passed, humanity is much the same—we are still being categorized by family, friends, culture. However, it is the labels we accept as true that make a big difference in our lives. Ruth’s tight grip on hope is encouraging because that very same hope is available to each one of us today.

In this study we will read God’s words “written in the past to teach us,” read Less Than a Widow to better understand the history and culture, and learn to disable any negative labels attached to us that hold us back from the true label God has for us—LOVED CHILD OF GOD.

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Purchase on author’s market site Writing With Vision, L.L.C.
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Also available at: The Sanctuary Bookstore, 719 Franklin St, Pella, IA 50219


“Disable the Label breaks through the surface of the sould and penetrates deep into the regions that need healing. With a blend of humor, relevant biblical history,solid exegesis, and deep emotional healing salves, this study grows out from the firm foundation of the book of Ruth to bring a refreshing walk through transforming Scrripture. Each participant in this study will join Naomi and Ruth in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they move from man-made labels to their victorious identity given in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this study.”
                 ~Dave Huizenga, President, Empowerment Institute and Lead Pastor, Bridgewood Church


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