I live in a thriving small town in Iowa, close to its capital city, Des Moines. My husband and I moved our family here in the early 1990s, and we put down roots after a life time of moving. This place and these people—Midwesterners with their big hearts, hard work ethic, and sense of community—are our home, and to our delight, our children and grandchildren have settled close by.

Pella is known for Tulip Time, an early May four-day festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. Tulips and other flowers are cultivated, cared for, admired, and play an important role in Pella’s festival. I feel as though the same care and encouragement is happening to me here: a refinement process of planting, pruning, feeding, and opportunities that enable blossoms to grow.


Before Less Than a Widow was published, I worked as a writer and graphic designer in the business world. I also worked with teams to produce adult curriculum for use in churches. When my husband started talking about retirement, I jumped ahead of him to begin writing my own material. John not only supports me in this endeavor, he encourages, discusses, “critiques, and team-teaches the courses I create. He helps make my writing life possible.


I write historical fiction. Stories make history real and relevant for us. When we relate to people from the past and experience life through their eyes, we develop a deeper understanding of the times they lived in. By reading their stories, the lessons they learned through experience are passed on to us by osmosis.

“I love historical fiction because there’s a literal truth, and there’s an emotional truth, and what the fiction writer tries to create is that emotional truth.”
~Jewell Parker Rhodes, American Novelist

My BLOGS reflect my areas of passions and research:

  • Mondays are my journaling days in which I follow the many rabbit trails in my head and the heads of others: from Doodling the Bible, to poetry, to social commentary, to a relationship with God, to current research, to the questions of life…
  • Wednesdays are devoted to Doodling the Bible. Read scripture, digest it, and doodle an illustration that expresses what that passage spoke to you. I share my doodles and artwork from others.
  • Friday’s Live Life Laughing is just that. Laughter and humor play a big role in my life, and I like to share. Enjoy.
    • Tom Swifties: “Let’s go where no man has gone before,” Captain Kirk said enterprisingly.
    • Puns: “Avoidable: what a bullfighter tries to do.”
    • Visual funnies
    • Inspiring quotes


Kathleen Evenhouse offers engaging and entertaining presentations to convey the power of faith in an all-powerful God. A heart-warming speaker, she provides laughter, some tears, and large doses of hope to her audiences. As an author of historical fiction and Bible study curriculum, her combination of contemporary voice and rich historical perspective allows audiences to find their own truth, humor, guidance, and hope in any situation.

Available for single sessions and retreats. Kathleen travels from Pella, Iowa.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. It was just greaat reading about you, Kathie… getting to know you even more. That you are writing about the book of Ruth excites me as that was the name that my birth mother gave me and I always pursue biblical information on Ruth and her life.


  2. Hi Kathleen my name is Jim Capodice, my wife and I just met your granddaughter Hanna at breakfast. I just graduated from MBI in May and my wife and I stopped into have breakfast and Hanna was our waiter. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit draws his children together. I asked her what I could pray for her about and she said her new move to Chicago. She told us about your book so I looked you up. God bless and thank you for your Legacy😉☝️👏


    1. Hannah called me on the way home from work and told me about your conversation. This is such a blessing. She works on Sundays and hasn’t made her way to a church or a community. She has great roommates that are good for her, but this let her know God is still watching over her. Thank you for contacting me, and I hope you meet up with her again. InJoy, Kathleen


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