Do You Feel “At Home” or “Caged?”

Do you feel caged at home?

My sheltering at home experience is different from many of you because there are ten people living in my multi-generational home. It is NOT a “Home Alone” experience, although we all find quiet spots at times. Five students ranging from 4th grade through college have varying amounts of at-home studying and online classes. We have set up a general schedule to avoid using up our self-motivation quotas for the year.

A really enjoyable time is family dinner, because we are all there without trying to juggle schedules. And the basketball hoop in the driveway and badmitton net in the backyard are well used.

Variety, for me, is the spice of life. I like to go from serious to silly, exercise to effortless, meditation to activation–often within the space of an hour. So, I thought I’d share an eclectic mix of possiblities for you to enjoy while practicing social distancing.

DIG INTO ROMANS WITH ME. On my Monday blogs we read the week’s verses, and I suggest categories to chart their information. God has something to say especially to you in these verses as you read them. I ask you to write down what catches your eye. And lastly, doodle or select a picture that you could use to explain the theme of the verses to another person. Tuesdays I share my answers and invite you to share yours with me.
If you want to catch up, we began this on my January 6, 2020 blog.

Mark Rober has a GREAT VIDEO for kids and adults on how germs spread.

Video of family singing Les Miserables during coronavirus lockdown goes viral,, Yesterday, 161 Shares, Button

This family knows how to be creative and have fun with their own version of a song from Les Miserables. Follow their example and RECORD YOUR OWN SONG OR DRAMA.

What could be FUNNIER than a 19-second video about
touching your face from Weird Al Yankovic

Feeling anxious? READ PSALM 46 and then listen to this moving choral rendition with trumpet accompaniment. We will not fear!

Make a FAMILY KAHOOT QUIZ. Chances are your children may have used this in school classes. It pretty simple to use, and you can cast it on your TV so all participate in quickly selecting the right answers to the questions that you make up. It’s a scream. And I mean that literally, our family gets very loud during this activity.
Make a home account (free) and set up a quiz.
Everyone can play at the same time using their electronic devices (phones, tablets, computers…) by downloading a free app.

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