Faith doesn’t keep us out of trouble, but it does help us get through it.

What do you do when your faith seems far away or inaccessible? 

Strike the Match does not give you a magic formula to make it through hard times. Instead, it teaches a Biblical chain reaction that guides and provides as you walk your life’s road. It is an easy read that will help you get through hard times and rock your world.

This 6-week Bible Study includes weekly introductory videos. The book features true stories (Biblical and Modern-day), thorough Scriptural investigation of themes, application encouragement, and discovery-based discussion questions.

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~ storytelling is a wonderful tool for learning and discovering truth ~

Historical Fiction

Less Than a Widow
The Story of Ruth

“Once upon a time in a country far away…” Told in its historic setting, Less Than a Widow moves the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz from a “Disney princess story” to a tale of strength, courage, love, and hope.

Bible Studies

Companion to Less Than a Widow

Where did Ruth find the strength of character to make the choices she did in spite of danger and pain?Explore the labels the world gives you and compare them to God’s.


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