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Don’t miss this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE for this new Bible study curriculum, of God Chooses (Im)Perfect People: Tamar and Judah.

$20 includes PDF of Workbook & Teacher’s Ed

Designed to help participants move from “I already know this story” to an in-depth understanding of God’s words or encouragement and hope.

Move from Negative to Positive—Make Hope Your New Habit

Spend 15 minutes a day for one month and change your attitude: Focus & Pray →Quiet Listening→Write →Review, Prepare→Practice 7x a day. You were designed with the ability to choose your thoughts.

Email the form below for FREE download that will guide you through the process.

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To-Do List: Go to pet store. Buy bird seeds. Ask how long it will take for the bird to grow. Wait for reaction. Life Quotes Enjoy the journey. I danced with darkness and learned its moves. Now I dance with the light and can no longer be seduced. ~Phil Good

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God designed each one of us: our minds, our bodies, our temperaments. This is something to remember when you are mired in the quicksand of depression and hating yourself, thinking you are not worthy of anything. Bathe yourself daily in Psalm 139. Let God change your mind. Work with Him to change your thought patterns.… Read More

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I’ve been there: in a deep funk with no energy and stuck in depressive quicksand. It’s not hopeless, there is a way to stop sinking deeper and deeper. But I’ll let Patsy tell you. Patsy Clairmont tells her story about her struggle with depression and how she learned to say, “Yes!” Her words of encouragement and… Read More

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