Don't Just Read the Bible, DIG IN!

If you have been reading the Bible for years, you might find yourself reading things “you already know,” just like the way you listen to your Grandma’s favorite story one more time. You go through the motions, respond at the appropriate times, but not really take it in. She’s your Grandma, so you visit and listen because you love her and she loves you.

Do you do the same thing to God when you read the Bible?

It’s an easy habit to slip into. I said my prayers, check; read a chapter in the Bible, check; and now back to my favorite game on my phone. That where I found myself after a busy December, and I looked for a way to make a change in 2020 that would stick. I decided to do an in-depth study of the Book of Romans, and do it in a way I haven’t practiced before.

Will you join me on Mondays for the verses and suggested study methods? On Tuesday I’ll post my learning and wait for your conversation in the comments section.

If you want to catch up, we began this on my January 6, 2020 blog.


Doodle the Bible: Digest and Illustrate God Words to You

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2531-web.jpgWhen you read the Bible and take God’s words into your mind and heart deep enough to translate it into a picture or a word, it becomes part of you. 
Doodling the Bible can also serve as a memory tool, a means to share, or a way to listen to, digest, reform, and cement God’s thoughts into your own.
Don’t skim—dig in.

Email the form below for FREE WORKSHEET that will guide you through the process with examples and verses to begin exploring God’s words in a new way.

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