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Less Than a Widow


Kathleen Evenhouse paints a rich picture of the traditions and trials of ancient womanhood as she skillfully brings new life into the ageless account of the biblical Ruth. In the patriarchal culture of the ancient Middle East, Ruth was a social castoff—a widow without legal rights. Deeply affecting, Less than a Widow combines rich historical storytelling with a contemporary voice.

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Disable the Label
and accept the one God gives you


This new topical Bible study
brings you deeper into the lives of Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi to see how they faced their challenges with faith and courage in spite of the negative labels they were given by family, friends, and society. With them, participants in this study can move from man-made labels to the identity given them by a loving God.



Are you looking for an interesting and animated speaker?

Creative, engaging, thoughtful, unexpected, informative, versatile, and gifted in making complex topics easy to understand with content-rich and engaging presentations. Her talks can be customized to meet the needs of your audience. Kathleen Evenhouse travels from Pella, Iowa. Contact her for availability at: evenhouse.k@gmail.com


Author interview: “In Depth” on KNIA/KRLS

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