What label do you believe
about yourself ?

Remember the labels that God has given you.

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storytelling is a wonderful tool for learning and discovering truth

Historical Fiction

Less Than a Widow
was $14.99 NOW $10

“Once upon a time in a country far away…” Told in its historic setting, Less Than a Widow moves the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz from a “Disney princess story” to a tale of strength, courage, love, and hope.


$20 includes Workbook & Teacher’s Edition

Is this story just a one-chapter interruption of the tale of Joseph’s trip from favored son to slave to Egyptian ruler second only to Pharoah?
Or is there more to it than that?


Let’s have a

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On Monday, we read the week’s verses, and I suggest categories to chart the information. God has something to say especially to you in these verses as you read them. I ask you to write down what you hear from God. And lastly, doodle or select a picture that you could use to explain the theme of the verses to another person. On Tuesdays, I share my answers and invite you to share yours with me.
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