Kathleen Evenhouse offers engaging and entertaining presentations to convey the power of faith in an all-powerful God. A heart-warming speaker, she provides laughter, some tears, and large doses of hope to her audiences. As an author of historical fiction and Bible study curriculum, her combination of contemporary voice and rich historical perspective allows audiences to find their own truth, humor, guidance, and hope in any situation. Kathleen is always willing to work with your group to adapt her talks to fit your themes and needs.

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  • 964715cd394c01596794cc4a127c3bf2Learning History Through Fiction
    An oxymoron joins two contradictory things together for dramatic effect, such as: “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Proud to be Humble.” Some people believe that to combine history (especially Biblical history) and fiction is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Kathleen Evenhouse provides a look into the process of writing history as stories and encourages listeners to add reading history this way to their educational toolboxes. Weaving characters and stories into actual events deepens understanding and application of lessons from those who have gone before.
  • born-badDisable the Label: The Power of Respect
    All of us live with labels that we believe are the truth about ourselves: shy, less than, unattractive, loser, awkward, born bad, clueless, misunderstood, dummy, or “one fry short of a happy meal.” It doesn’t matter where the label comes from: your childhood nickname, your social or economic status, your education or lack of it, your past mistakes, your race, your membership status, or your own self-label. If you believe the label to be true, it affects your thoughts, words, and actions. This in turn affects all those around you. Disable the worldly labels and accept the truth of God’s label for you.
  • Doodling the Bible: Breathing in God’s Words—Breathing Out His Message
    This participatory session aids and encourages bringing God’s words into ourselves and pouring them out again through doodling. This is not an art lesson, but a process we can use to gain understanding and identify what God has for each one of us today.)

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  • marguerite-2380664_1920God Chooses (Im)Perfect People
    A day of inspiration as writer and speaker Kathleen Evenhouse encourages women with this truth: just as God chose others in the Bible who were far from perfect, he chooses us—yes, you and me!—for his purposes and for his work. Our imperfections allow him to shine and his transforming work will be realized in our lives. Kathleen’s engaging and creative style will inspire your soul!
  • From Dust to Diamonds: The Story of Ruth (Presentation)
  • God Tells Crazy Stories: Tamar and Judah (Interactive)
  • Disable the Label: Living in the Shape God Gave Us (Presentation And Interactive)
  • Breakout Session: Doodling the Bible (Participation and encouragement in bringing God’s words into yourself and pouring them out again through doodling. This is not an art lesson, but a process in understanding and identifying what God has for you today.)