Sozo = Saved, Healed, Delivered

God designed us in his image. We are made with the ability to think and choose. This ability is powerful, and by working within God’s design we can quite literally change our world. God didn’t tell us in the scripture to do something that we are unable to do. Our design includes the operating system we need.… Read More

Have you had “the talk” yet?

Conversation does not seem to be a valued skill in America today. We are good at pointing fingers, making judgments, taking sides, insisting we are right and that we we have rights, and looking out for #1. After all, “we’re worth it.” Conversation happens in that middle space between two opposing viewpoints, between authority and… Read More

Baby Brains

The more I delve into Adam and Mila’s website, the more I see. This as a great place to visit and revisit. And they encourage sharing the information with others—which is exactly what I am doing here. Baby Cognitive Development The brain of an infant baby is growing faster than at any other time in life! Studies have shown the… Read More

Prenatal Brain Development

Pregnant Moms, what do you know about the development of your precious’ brain while you are carrying the little one? There’s lots of information about this on Adam and Mila’s website that they encourage us to share, including: The Fetal Brain The prenatal brain development starts at just over two weeks in, with the formation… Read More