The Body of Believers

God’s Kingdom is more than just a personal experience, it is also God’s intended will for believers who gather together—the church. Individually and collectively—we are called to overflow with His love, which brings God’s Kingdom to earth. And we are not to keep it all for ourselves. But you will receive power when the Holy… Read More

Men’s or Women’s Work

What determines what is designated as “man’s work”or “woman’s work?” In this day and age, we are currently hearing strident voices asking this very question. As a matter of fact, I’ve asked this myself. Archaeological studies of ceramics reveal that this has been been an issue for a long time time. The evidence of fingerprints… Read More

Archaeology by Satellite?

Studies of monuments and tombs have revealed aspects of everyday Egyptian life — “Like us, they wrote on walls and obsessed over cats” — satellite data have filled in some bigger-picture details. from an article in Science News quoting Sarah Parcak. Erin Wayman’s review of this book piqued my interest with phrases like this: “With… Read More