Bible Doodle: Matthew 1:1-1

Do you read the geneaologies in the Bible or skim through them quickly? I must confess that my usual mode is a quick glance for names I recognize, but there is something that draws the eye in Matthew’s lineage of Jesus—FIVE WOMEN ARE LISTED! I want to know why. Don’t you? words→pictures→doodle→for some of us:… Read More

Why read historical fiction about Bible characters?

Some people believe the term “Biblical Fiction” is an oxymoron, because how can the words Biblical and Fiction be joined together. The Bible is truth. And fiction isn’t—necessarily. That’s what historical fiction does—joins two seeming-opposites together to make something more accessible, like a history lesson or a Bible story. Good fiction helps its characters come alive… Read More

Is your approach to online dating like car shopping?

A recently married man in his mid-thirties commented: “In my experience in online dating, you spend time searching for someone, connect with her, and enjoy three or four dates. But it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking, ‘Well, this has been nice and seems promising, but I bet if I keep looking I’ll find just the perfect… Read More