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Strike the Match, Light the Fire

Our world is broken, but do not be overwhelmed. God has provided everything you need to live what you believe. If you ever feel abandoned or reach for faith and can’t find it, start praising God. Praise is the spark that lights the bonfire of faith God has already placed inside you, and your interior barriers such as guilt, fear, or pain burn away. The sequence from praise to faith in the chain reaction moves you to the powerful weapon of prayer. You are battle-ready! Filled with Holy Spirit power and authority (Acts 1:8) and dressed in the armor of God (Ephesians 6), you can overcome evil. As your relationship with God grows, you will live as a Word and Spirit overcomer on earth and for eternity to come. Strike the Match gives you true stories, thorough Scriptural investigation, and discussion opportunities as it encourages you to put your faith into action. PRICE FOR ONE BOOK INCLUDES: book ($14.99), shipping (starts at $4.05 for 1 book), taxes (7%)


Six short videos that introduce each link in the chain are available for those who want to use this book in a group study. (Available after September 1, 2021.)


Table of Contents Chapter 3: Explore & Exercise Chapter 10 Chapter 14: Stories

Less Than A Widow

Kathleen Evenhouse holds the Bible in one hand and historical research in the other as she writes historical fiction. She believes that understanding the context of the Bible helps each of us hear God’s message today. Kathleen paints a rich picture of the  traditions and the trials of ancient womanhood and uses a contemporary voice to retell Ruth’s story. In the patriarchal culture of the ancient Middle East, Ruth was a social castoff—a widow without legal rights. Her inability to conceive a child pushed her farther down the social ladder. As the 3000-year-old story unfolds, it becomes clear that today’s women are still affected by many of the same issues. PRICE FOR ONE BOOK INCLUDES: book ($10.00), shipping (starts at $4.05 for 1 book), taxes (7%)


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“I didn’t know it, but I’ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time. “Less Than a Widow” made history real for me. For the first time in a long time a Bible story caused me to truly cry, laugh, and sit on the edge of my seat as I turned page after page devouring this intriguing story. There is nothing contrived, preachy or whitewashed in the writing. Highly recommend.”
~ Shannon Wood, January 1, 2015

“I loved imagining Ruth’s world while reading this book! Kathleen brought to my mind’s eye vivid imagery and thoughtful details that drew me closer to the Scriptural account. I’ll never experience the book of Ruth the same way again.”
~ Liz Vande Voort, August 12, 2020

“Eye-opener. The author takes Biblical truths and historical facts and combines them to create a novel that makes the reader feel compassion, love, anger, humor, sadness, happiness and a desire to turn his Christian world upside down.”
~ ST, March 8, 2015

Disable the Label

Disable the Label was written as a companion book to Less Than a Widow. Using Ruth as example, the author focuses on the labels we live under, because the labels we accept as true greatly affect our lives. This topical Bible study encourages exploration, discussion, and belief in the label God has given all who believe in him. “Ruth’s society declared her to be worthless, but she refused to believe it,” Kathleen said. Even though thousands of years have passed since Ruth lived, humanity is much the same—we are still being categorized by family, friends, culture.  Ruth’s tight grip on hope is encouraging because that very same hope is available to each one of us today. PRICE FOR ONE BOOK INCLUDES: book ($6.00), shipping (starts at $4.05 for 1 book), taxes (7%)


Read both Less Than a Widow and Disable the Label to better understand Biblical history and culture and to learn to disable any negative labels attached to us that hold us back from the true label God has for us—LOVED CHILD OF GOD.

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God does some of his greatest work in you during the hardest times in your life. The story of Ruth tells us what can happen when we take God at his word. Ruth and Naomi  experience overwhelming obstacles and some real heartaches, but they come through with flying colors because of God’s help.

Rewrite by Kathleen Evenhouse with contributions by Brent and Diane Averill. This 4-week study is available from Global Coffee Break. Available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

An FREE BONUS additional 4-week-study supplement brings the Ruth study (above) to make an 8-week study. This appendices is available as a free download from Global Coffee Break. Available in English.


One of the best known Sunday School stories is that of Jonah and the great fish is. Are you ready to dig deeper than Jonah’s encounter with a huge fish to discover the most important part of the story—who God is and his love for humanity?

Revised by a team of writers including Kathleen Evenhouse. Available in English, Spanish, and Korean from Global Coffee Break.