Less Than a Widow

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(Historical Fiction) Kathleen Evenhouse paints a rich picture of the  traditions and the trials of ancient womanhood as she brings new life into the story of the biblical Ruth. As the 3000-year-old story unfolds, it becomes clear that today’s women are still affected by many of the same issues. In the patriarchal culture of the ancient Middle East, Ruth was a social castoff—a widow without legal rights. As the title reveals, her inability to conceive a child pushed her farther down the social ladder, to a point where her very existence wasted the limited resources of her people. Deeply affecting, Less than a Widow combines rich historical storytelling with a contemporary voice.

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(Individual and Group Bible Study) Disable the Label, focuses on the labels we live under. It is the labels we accept as true that greatly affect our lives. This topical Bible study encourages exploration, discussion, and belief in the label God has given all who believe in him.

“Ruth’s society declared her to be worthless, but she refused to believe it,” Kathleen said. Even though thousands of years have passed since Ruth lived, humanity is much the same—we are still being categorized by family, friends, culture.  Ruth’s tight grip on hope is encouraging because that very same hope is available to each one of us today.

Read God’s words “written in the past to teach us,” read Less Than a Widow to better understand the history and culture, and learn to disable any negative labels attached to us that hold us back from the true label God has for us—LOVED CHILD OF GOD.

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God Chooses (Im)perfect People: Tamar and Judah

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(Group Bible Study) Do you want to approach Bible stories as if you were reading them for the first time? If you long to hear God’s words for you and feel stuck, it may be time use some alternative methods to dig into the Bible.

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Here’s what you will find in this study:

  • Scripture re-formatted to be read orally by class using Reader’s Theater format.
  • Study Questions formatted using the Discovery Method to encourage class to discover answers for themselves in the Bible texts.
  • Through individual homework and group discussion, the class develops Character Studies of Tamar and Judah: what’s their family history, motivation, personalities, social status, etc.
  • Study Notes explain history, culture, laws, and Biblical context.
  • Start here with discussion application questions
  • This group study is not designed to provide easy answers, but to invite you to dig, think and re-think. In that process, I encourage you to open your heart to the Holy Spirit’s leading to find answers. This is also not a theology class, but it may cause you to explore the roots of your world and life view. Through the Character Sketches, you are invited to enter the Scriptures with the wide-open mind of a detective looking to understand motivation, character, life experiences, and interactions of the people in the story. Looking at the story from different angles may bring you to God-revelations that you have never seen before. The Study Questions keep us in the timeline of the story as it is told in scripture. They often include people, places, and activities that are not part of the character sketches. The Study Notes provide historical, contextual, georgraphical, and cultural background to encourage more complete understanding.





Discover Your Bible: Ruth

Discover Ruth Leader Guide cover imageGod does some of his greatest work in you during the hardest times in your life. The story of Ruth tells us what can happen when we take God at his word. Ruth and Naomi  experience overwhelming obstacles and some real heartaches, but they come through with flying colors because of God’s help.  Also available in Spanish.

Rewrite by Kathleen Evenhouse with contributions by Brent and Diane Averill. This 4-week study is available in English, Spanish, and Korean from Discover Your Bible. An additional 4-week ind-depth study available as appendices.

Discover Your Bible: Jonah

Discover Jonah Leader Guide cover imageOne of the best known Sunday School stories is that of Jonah and the great fish is. Are you ready to dig deeper than Jonah’s encounter with a huge fish to discover the most important part of the story—who God is and his love for humanity?

Revised by a team of writers including Kathleen Evenhouse.

Available in English and Korean from Discover Your Bible.