Tell your emotions, “You’re not in charge of me.”

“Emotions are a great gift from God. But the Lord never intended them to serve as our guide.”  ~ Wayne Stiles Tests, follow-up tests, and waiting, waiting, waiting for results. Is it cancer? Knee surgery, physical therapy, put the cane away, pain-free walking…Oops. need the cane again. When people ask how I’m doing, do I respond… Read More

Health: Mind, Body, and Soul

Think of yourself as a one-room schoolhouse: everything you are (mind, body, and soul) is in contained in one structure, and the health of each part—good or bad—in that room affects the whole. This special report from gives some practical tips on healthy habits in different areas of you to promote the health of… Read More

“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.”

“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.” ~Monty Williams Monty Williams, retired NBA player and Assistant Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, lost hiswife in a traffic accident in February 2016. Three of his five children were also in the car but survived. The person who caused the accident was inebriated. Monty had promised… Read More