Bible Doodle: (Imperfect People)

Excuses: I don’t have my act together. I keep making mistakes. I’m not spiritual enough. We have the Word and the Spirit. It’s “both and,” not “either or.” That’s why we don’t have to depend on our imperfect selves in our day-to-day living or sink under the storms that are wreaking havoc. We’re imperfect, but… Read More

God wouldn’t choose me, would he?

Do you think God has a purpose for you, for your life? We have excuses and reasons why God shouldn’t choose us: We’re imperfect! We’re not qualified! In this, we are not different from a lot of people in the Bible.       God called Jeremiah to be a formidable prophet. Jeremiah had labeled… Read More

Health: Mind, Body, and Soul

Think of yourself as a one-room schoolhouse: everything you are (mind, body, and soul) is in contained in one structure, and the health of each part—good or bad—in that room affects the whole. This special report from gives some practical tips on healthy habits in different areas of you to promote the health of… Read More