Bible Dig into Ephesus (Ephesians 1:13-18)

In modern days we have all kinds of legal documents, badges, uniforms, and “perks” to prove who we are, what we own, and what kind of authority we wield. The seal authenticated that the message was the real deal. During the times of our study, things were written on sheets of papyrus or parchment. Sheets… Read More

Kathie’s Roman Digs (Week 12–Romans 4:13-25)

Verses 22-24 in The Message transliteration summarize the thrust of this chapter, and to make meaningful, I personalized it. Read these verses out loud with your name. This is the truth of the gospel living in us through faith. I didn’t tiptoe around God’s promise asking cautiously skeptical questions. I plunged into the promise and… Read More