Election Echoes

I hear strong echos in this story. http://www.npr.org/2017/02/03/513196747/christian-governor-fights-blasphemy-charge-in-muslim-majority-indonesia An ethnic Chinese, Christian man from outside the current political power structure, who is serving as governor of Jakarta, is running for reelection. At the same time he is on trial for blasphemy for telling Muslim voters in September not to be fooled by people who tell them… Read More

What do you mean by that?

Have you ever tried to describe a color to someone? Any success? “Dark green” or “light green” aren’t much help. And “chartreuse” is a word unknown to many. Geoff Nunberg’s commentary on Fresh Air states that the political words and phrases we’re hearing and using constantly are just as difficult when it comes to pinning down an… Read More

Choosing our Attitudes

I’m judgmental. Oh, I don’t call it that. I name it anything else, from discernment, to people skills, or even self-protection. But the truth is that I categorize people and events and put them in the pigeon holes I believe they belong in. Categorizing is a valuable skill, one that is necessary for communication, for understanding, even for… Read More


Presidential debate of September 26, 2016 consisted of two people saying: I’m a very intelligent person, and I believe X. This other person believes Y. Therefore this other candidate is a complete moron.* Please stop this behavior! Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump: Please stop this childish behavior. Media: Quit promoting and encouraging it. Tell me about positions and ideas,… Read More

Virtue Signalling=Political Peer Pressure

Your kids’ favorite method of “virtue signaling” might be an eye roll or an exaggerated sigh when you say something. It’s a visible message from the listener: “You should be embarrassed or ashamed that those words ever came out of your mouth. Now everyone will know how dumb you really are.” or “Get over yourself. You’ve told… Read More