Election Echoes

indonesiaflagpicture1I hear strong echos in this story.


An ethnic Chinese, Christian man from outside the current political power structure, who is serving as governor of Jakarta, is running for reelection. At the same time he is on trial for blasphemy for telling Muslim voters in September not to be fooled by people who tell them they can only vote for Muslims.

Do the echoes of the recent American Presidential election resound in this Jakarta, Indonesia election?

Or is this a broader echo of the difficulties of democracy in a world of strong, judgmental opinions?

What are the issues, do you feel, in this story?

  • Combining religion and politics?
  • He’s not even an ethnic Indonesian?
  • He’s a minority?
  • Everything’s fair in love, war, and politics?
  • This has nothing to do with U.S. or democracy?

I have come to a conclusion. Would love to hear your input.

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