Is cursing him your best version of you?

paulalewkowskiI was introduced to this wise woman, Paula Lewkowski, by my brother Dave Huizenga. And when you meet wisdom under a big smile, you stay in touch.

Paula and I are Facebook friends, and today she wrote the thoughts I’ve been struggling to put together for my blog. I hope you hear her heart through wise words and be challenged by Paula’s blog.

stressed-646457_1280iktjboa9tiHours upon hours. Word after word after word. All the time, all the energy, all the hatred toward President Trump and his family could be turned to blessing them and praying for them instead of negativity and cursing toward them. How truly powerful that could be; well wishes, expressed encouragement to do well for all citizens, prayers. In my experience, each time I bless instead of curse or rage it turns out to be a game changer. For the better.

Hatred is toxic. So, so toxic.

Let your feelings out, get it all out there, unstuff the disappointment. I get that. Healthy and necessary behavior.

And if you just can’t stomach President Trump, maybe be your best version of better than him.

Is cursing him your best version of you?

I did not vote for President Obama. But I sometimes prayed for him. I tried to speak well of him as best I could. I wish I had done both more often. Because when I did I saw one of two things happen. Circumstances changed and the political pendulum moved more toward the middle for ALL citizens, or, my attitude changed.

Here we are. At the end of the day, it’s over. A new game is in town. It takes time and energy to respond negatively…..or positively. How will you use your God-given time and energy?

Will you bless? Or will you curse?

God be with you as you choose.

❤️ (and I mean it)

Paula Lewkowski, Facebook post, January 24, 2017

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