God Chooses the Most Unlikely People

The word Hebrew is understood to mean, “one from the other side (of the river).” That is certainly true of Abram. God made him a promise with one condition, obedience, and Abram walked away from everything he knew, from comfort and security, into Canaan to follow God’s plan. Biblical scholars use the term Hebrews to… Read More

God wouldn’t choose me, would he?

Do you think God has a purpose for you, for your life? We have excuses and reasons why God shouldn’t choose us: We’re imperfect! We’re not qualified! In this, we are not different from a lot of people in the Bible.       God called Jeremiah to be a formidable prophet. Jeremiah had labeled… Read More

Choosing our Attitudes

I’m judgmental. Oh, I don’t call it that. I name it anything else, from discernment, to people skills, or even self-protection. But the truth is that I categorize people and events and put them in the pigeon holes I believe they belong in. Categorizing is a valuable skill, one that is necessary for communication, for understanding, even for… Read More

put on your new nature

Were Boaz, Ruth, Moses, David, or Rahab wiser, stronger, more honorable, or more deserving of God’s favor than you or I? No. They were just as unlikely to become heroes of faith as anyone else. We’re all born in sin and live in a broken world. The Bible teaches us that we are responsible and accountable for our… Read More

i’m a child of the king

Have you ever had someone spew insults, criticisms, sarcasm, or jealous remarks at you and found that the words were still reverberating in your thoughts days, weeks, or months later? Perhaps you believe you’ve been doing exactly what God has asked of you, and you’re tired. You may ask God, “What’s up with this?!?”  The… Read More