Lot Settles, Abram Wanders, War and More, Genesis 14

It occurs to me that the traveling Patriarchs were home-schoolers. Abram and Sarai, as parents and tribal leaders, were responsible for the training of not only their own children, but those of the whole tribe as well. The training was spiritual as well as vocational. Abraham also kept his army in top form. As we… Read More

Lot Settles, Abram Wanders, and War: Genesis 14

This chapter begins with Abram avoiding conflict and ends with him leading an army on a rescue mission. RESEARCH NUGGETS In obedience to God’s command to travel around and see the promised land, Abram headed southward, until he reached the city of Kiryath Arba, later called Hebron. There he was welcomed by Aner, Eshkol and… Read More