Leave Frustration Behind

Are frustrations eating away at your productivity?  It happens to the best of us. We have a four-hour window to achieve something, and it doesn’t work out: you don’t have the right supplies, you get interrupted repeatedly, someone needs your attention… Some days you just have to throw the towel in the ring and give… Read More

Ebenezer: a Visual Reminder

Last winter my husband and I took advantage of a great deal—$50 roundtrip airline tickets from Iowa to Florida. We quickly secured a corresponding opening at a St. Augustine resort included in our vacation package. “Thank you, God, for this affordable break just when we needed it.” It was warm. It was beautiful in a way… Read More

Attitude Change: from “Waah!” to “Blessed!”

My house needs attention, not just pick up-put away-cleaning, but it is tired looking. I’ve been feeling the need to perk it up, but have been practicing “leaving the house.”  After all, I was working on a writing-speaking project, plus updating my website.  Actually, the website update was a necessity I could no longer avoid.… Read More

Choosing our Attitudes

I’m judgmental. Oh, I don’t call it that. I name it anything else, from discernment, to people skills, or even self-protection. But the truth is that I categorize people and events and put them in the pigeon holes I believe they belong in. Categorizing is a valuable skill, one that is necessary for communication, for understanding, even for… Read More

Smiling Faces, Inside Fury

“Many of us revel in inauguration traditions, the chance to glimpse the famous and powerful,” NPR’s Shankar Vedantam explains. “Yet we humans have another side to our psychology. It’s a darker side that enjoys nothing more than seeing the powerful topple from their pedestals.” “Angry. Sad. Frustrated. Really sick of it.” Those are just are… Read More