History Is Really HIS Story

History is divided between BC and AD. Dates labeled BC (before Christ) take place BEFORE Jesus was born, and those labeled AD come from Latin Anno Domini meaning “In the year of Our Lord.” There is not a zero year, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC. The time has come,” he [Jesus] said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent… Read More

Bible Doodle: Early Picture Of Jesus

Youth with ‘short curly hair, a prolonged face, large eyes and an elongated nose’ depicted in faint painting found in circa 6th century Byzantine church in ancient village Shivta This picture was recently discovered in a circa 6th century Byzantine church deep in Israel’s Negev Desert. For more information, read the article below. https://www.timesofisrael.com/jesus-image-hidden-in-plain-sight-at-negev-church-is-one-of-earliest-in-israel/

Archaeological Digs Help Us Dig Deeper into Biblical Understanding

The site of Capernaum is perhaps the most visited site in the Galilee on any tour of the Holy Land. This is where Jesus taught and where he cast out an unclean spirit (Mark 1.21-28, Luke 4.31,32). So many pictures are taken of groups visiting the impressive synagogue structure built from dazzling white limestone. But do… Read More

Celebrate Jesus’ Scandalous Life

    something  that is shocking, upsetting, or unacceptable   Jesus began his life with scandal—a young girl impregnated by the Holy Spirit.                 Who’s going to ever believe that crazy story? Not Joseph, the man she was betrothed to. Not her parents. Not her friends. Not the village elders. Or the gossips or the… Read More