La Crème de la Crème: Gen. 12:10-20

GOD CHOOSES THE MOST UNLIKELY PEOPLE When God is looking for someone to follow Him, he chooses La Crème de la Crème—the best of the best. NOT!! Our blog-Bible-study is a part of the “Most Unlikely People” Series, and in this chapter we see some reasons for the series title. What happens when the rubber… Read More

God’s Will in Life and Death

Pastor Leslie Weatherhead helped me to understand the will of God when I was angry and in pain (see my blog on August 31). He explained that there are three distinctive phases in God’s will: intentional (God’s ideal plan for man—his original creation) circumstantial (God’s plan within certain circumstances—what we experience in our lives in… Read More

light sources: faith in the yet unseen

The sun is shining but how can I reflect its rays when storm clouds of fear and pain block their passage to my soul. My bed is floating on a flood of nightly tears; my gut writhes and clenches as I cry out to you for mercy and help. How long, Oh Lord, how much… Read More

What should my scandalous life look like?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary gives this full definition of scandal: a :  discredit brought upon religion by unseemly conduct in a religious person b :  conduct that causes or encourages a lapse of faith or of religious obedience in another loss of or damage to reputation caused by actual or apparent violation of morality or propriety : disgrace a : … Read More

“Are you the one?”

I have a need to know, to understand how and why, to figure out how things work, to comprehend the ins and outs of people’s thinking, including my own. I love the light-bulb moment when all is illuminated, when things make sense, when I can see how we got from there to here. And so… Read More