light sources: faith in the yet unseen

Waterscape 2429

The sun is shining
but how can I reflect its rays
when storm clouds of fear and pain
block their passage to
my soul.

My bed
is floating on a
flood of nightly tears;
my gut writhes and clenches
as I cry out to you for mercy and help.
How long, Oh Lord, how much longer must I endure?

Go away, storm! Although you may continue to rage
all around me, wreaking havoc right and left,
you have no place in my heart and soul
for inside His sun always shines—
His light never fails.

The storm
cannot destroy
what it cannot reach—
I choose not to hear its screaming wind
or watch for crashing waves that tear my life apart,
but to focus instead on the source of my
strength and peace.

I opt to
bask in Your light,
to remember all Your promises,
to center my attention on what You will have for me
no matter what the world and its demons
viciously propel my way.

Your light has always
still shines,
and will radiate without end.

The sun is shining,
and I will reflect His rays.

[Based on Psalm 6]

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