Name It!

Here are the first few lines of a poem I wrote in 1992 about depression. Depression isn’t a dragonThat overtly threatensAnd awakensVanquishing knightsInside ourselves. Rather,It is a silent enemyThat infiltratesAnd becomes part of the landscape,Assuming more and more prominenceUntil takeoverIs accomplished. Depression always wants to be a close companion in my life, but, with God’s… Read More

Bigger on the Inside

Like Dr. Who’s Tardis, I am bigger on the inside. It’s a mystery. A woman-sized vesselshowing 70+ years of wear-and-tear,scratched, stretched, and cracked;this faded, finite containerstill seeks what she does not know. But inside–Oh, glorious mystery!Inside flows a river of living water,with great, unsearchable depths,whose current revealsall-surpassing power and authoritythat comes from God. It is… Read More