light sources: eclipse


Can anyone see
you are a Christian?

Or, when
they look at you,
do they see a lunar eclipse?

Does the shadow
of the earth blanket you,
not allowing the sun’s light to reach you
so that you can reflect its rays?

Don’t you know
that, as a Christian, the sun
shines within you and
can’t be blocked by
earth’s shadow
unless you
let it?

The earth’s shadow
of sins and circumstances
cannot quench God’s

It is
when you choose to
blend in earth’s shade or
focus on the shadow instead of
His sunlight that your reflection diffuses
and your shine dims and is extinguished in the darkness.

instead, a light
so bright that you cannot
view it except through darkened lenses.
Focus your attention on His light so that it erases earth’s shadows
inside your spirit and brings back His reflection—
a light in the darkness that draws others
to you like moths to a lantern
fitted with strong mirrors
to impart light—
His light.

Can anyone
see you are a Christian who is
shining in the darkness despite earth’s shadows?

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