Let me play in the fields of the Lord

Sometimes your path is clearly delineated. You know what you have to do. You know where you have to go. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s a hard climb. There’s no stopping in the middle–you’re committed. There may be people ahead and behind you–no way out. There’s lots to see, and it’s hard to… Read More

What are you leaving behind?

Legacies aren’t just for the rich and famous—everyone leaves a piece of themselves behind. How will you be remembered? Maybe it’s because I will soon be 65 years old. Maybe it was the weekend with a house full of family—from grandkids, to grown-up kids, to siblings. Talking, loud play, chaos, and lots of laughter. Maybe it’s… Read More

today I was Martha

Still your mind, open the eyes of your heart (through visual imagery), join the flow of the Holy Spirit, and journal. I’ve been practicing these steps to hear God’s voice. One way to do this is to put yourself into one of the stories from the Gospels, become one of the characters, visualize yourself in the story,… Read More