Let me play in the fields of the Lord

museum1Sometimes your path is clearly delineated. You know what you have to do. You know where you have to go.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

  • It’s a hard climb.
  • There’s no stopping in the middle–you’re committed.
  • There may be people ahead and behind you–no way out.
  • There’s lots to see, and it’s hard to stay focused.
  • Your muscles cramp up, you knees cry for a softer surface to crawl on, and you wish you could stand up and walk. But you have to crawl.

So you persevere.

Pray for a helping hand.

Pray for a willing heart.

Pray for strength, energy, and endurance.

And keep on moving.

These were my thoughts as I watched my granddaughters scramble through maze after maze at The City Museum in St. Louis this week.

There was a time I would be right up there with them, but I found myself only entering spaces and trails where I was sure I wouldn’t get stuck, wouldn’t have to crawl, wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Was I really incapable physically? Really? To be honest, the answer is I could have done it (and paid the price with aches the next day). But I wasn’t willing to extend that much effort and risk getting stuck, looking silly, or something. Instead I went through a few easy spaces and cheered on others.

It occurs to me that it is easy to do the same thing spiritually. Am I willing to listen to God’s voice, ask for him to lead me, and be willing to head out on a path when I’m not sure I won’t get stuck, or feel pain, or have to work harder than I really want to?

Lead me into adventure, Lord, and give me the faith of a child. Let me play in the fields of the Lord.

Originally published in June 2013

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