Health: Mind, Body, and Soul

Think of yourself as a one-room schoolhouse: everything you are (mind, body, and soul) is in contained in one structure, and the health of each part—good or bad—in that room affects the whole. This special report from gives some practical tips on healthy habits in different areas of you to promote the health of… Read More

What are you leaving behind?

Legacies aren’t just for the rich and famous—everyone leaves a piece of themselves behind. How will you be remembered? Maybe it’s because I will soon be 65 years old. Maybe it was the weekend with a house full of family—from grandkids, to grown-up kids, to siblings. Talking, loud play, chaos, and lots of laughter. Maybe it’s… Read More

Ephesians 1:3-6 The focus of His love

The more I learn about this world, the more amazed I am at the complexities and synchronization. The more science tells me about my brain, my body, the more I see God’s systems throughout it all. There are not enough words to can explain even a portion of who God is. Yet this God designed… Read More

Hold out your cup

God pours grace and peace into our lives. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way; life can be pretty rough at times. But through it all He is pouring grace and peace. I need to hold out the vessel of myself, my life, and allow him to fill my cup. And then I need to share… Read More