Ephesians 1:11-18 He did this so we would give praise and glory to Him.

As a believer I know my purpose in life–to give praise and glory to God. God promises love, blessing, strength, encouragement, help, . . . I need to focus on studying scripture so that I can keep his words in the forefront of everything I think and do. I need to listen for his voice… Read More

Ephesians 1:7-10

God’s got a plan that can’t be beat–and He lets us see glimpses of it. One piece of the puzzle in HIS AMAZING LOVE, for he loved us so much that He sent his one and only son to die for all of our sins–mine and yours (John 3:16). He created us for relationship with… Read More

Ephesians 1:3-6 The focus of His love

The more I learn about this world, the more amazed I am at the complexities and synchronization. The more science tells me about my brain, my body, the more I see God’s systems throughout it all. There are not enough words to can explain even a portion of who God is. Yet this God designed… Read More

Hold out your cup

God pours grace and peace into our lives. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way; life can be pretty rough at times. But through it all He is pouring grace and peace. I need to hold out the vessel of myself, my life, and allow him to fill my cup. And then I need to share… Read More