Health: Mind, Body, and Soul

Think of yourself as a one-room schoolhouse: everything you are (mind, body, and soul) is in contained in one structure, and the health of each part—good or bad—in that room affects the whole. This special report from gives some practical tips on healthy habits in different areas of you to promote the health of… Read More

Naps Boost Your Ability to Concentrate

Churchill did it like clockwork. Eisenhower and MacArthur did it. JFK did it, and Lyndon Johnson followed his example. What are we talking about? NAPS. Regular naps can increase alertness, boost your ability to concentrate, decrease fatigue, and improve memory. For some, it’s 20 minutes on a sofa in the office. For others, it changing… Read More

Don’t believe your black thoughts in the middle of the night

I just want to sleep! Some nights I have trouble turning off my spinning mind and sink into slumber after I’ve followed my usual regimen of devotions, often followed by a crossword puzzle to keep my mind from straying down a plethora of rabbit trails. NOTE: Playing games on my phone doesn’t work. Sure it numbs my mind, but it… Read More