Naps Boost Your Ability to Concentrate

GD2ROM-header-blogChurchill did it like clockwork.
Eisenhower and MacArthur did it.
JFK did it, and Lyndon Johnson followed his example.

What are we talking about? NAPS.

adi-goldstein-339959-webRegular naps can increase alertness, boost your ability to concentrate, decrease fatigue, and improve memory.

For some, it’s 20 minutes on a sofa in the office. For others, it changing into pajamas and sleeping one to two hours (including Churchill and Kennedy).

For me, it makes a big difference in my patience and ability to “people.”

Want to know more? For the science and the stories, check out this article by Alex SooJung-Kim Pang in Michael Hyatt’s online magazine: Sweet Dreams…in the Middle of the Day.

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