Tell your emotions, “You’re not in charge of me.”

“Emotions are a great gift from God. But the Lord never intended them to serve as our guide.”  ~ Wayne Stiles Tests, follow-up tests, and waiting, waiting, waiting for results. Is it cancer? Knee surgery, physical therapy, put the cane away, pain-free walking…Oops. need the cane again. When people ask how I’m doing, do I respond… Read More

Want to be creative? Color it blue.

Research tells us that the color BLUE encourages our creative thinking abilities. The study was done with over 600 people performing tasks that required either detail-focused or creative thinking. The computer screen backgrounds were either red, white, or blue. Those using the blue backgrounds were twice as creative in brainstorming tasks as those on the… Read More

Make Stress Your Friend and It Helps You Be Healthy

Health psychologist Kelly cGonigal confesses she has been teaching that stress is harmful to your health for 10 years, BUT SHE WAS WRONG. People are dying, not from stress, but in believing that stress is bad for you.  The science says that changing the way you think about stress can make you healthier. What if… Read More

Does Predisposed Mean Predestined?

I love to learn about our world. I love to learn about the world that is my body. And brains are fascinating. So are genes, and inheritance, and habits… My favorite kind of learning involves stories, which make me an avid listener to Moth Radio Hour. On April Fool’s Day all four stories related to… Read More