Tell your emotions, “You’re not in charge of me.”

“Emotions are a great gift from God. But the Lord never intended them to serve as our guide.”  ~ Wayne Stiles Tests, follow-up tests, and waiting, waiting, waiting for results. Is it cancer? Knee surgery, physical therapy, put the cane away, pain-free walking…Oops. need the cane again. When people ask how I’m doing, do I respond… Read More

it’s more than feeling sorry

“Tell Tommy you’re sorry you hit him.” That’s how we learned to say we’re sorry–our parents taught us behaviors. Unfortunately, our feelings (Were we really sorry?) didn’t always match the act. We said we were sorry so we could get back to playing. We obeyed the rules and continued doing our own thing. The truth is,… Read More

There is no such thing as unexpressed emotion

False shame (which focuses on “me” instead of moving me toward God) is called the master emotion, especially when other emotions are denied. It can bind to other emotions, masking them, and causing us to make hurtful inner vows or judgments. For example, sadness, hurt, or loneliness that we identified incorrectly as indications of weakness… Read More