Is music your pathway to health?

  • My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.
  • Behind every favorite song there is an untold story.
  • My favorite hiding place is music.
  • Music is not what I do, it’s who I am.
  • Where words fail, music speaks.
andre-hunter-unsplash web
photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Do you have someone that you connect to best through music? Is your most accurate barometer to their inner self  the songs they listen to, the lyrics they remember, or their physical response when “their song” comes on. Maybe your best conversations follows after one of you shares a song with the other.

Music can be a bridge when words aren’t, when emotions are confusing or overwhelming, or when you can’t bring yourself to share. It’s a link to emotions. It’s a window into state of mind.

And to Frederico Bitti, it was a link to healing his brain and body from dystonia, a chronic brain disorder resulting in repetitive, patterned, and often twisting involuntary muscle contractions. The medical establishment could offer only 3 options: botox, drugs, or dangerous brain surgery that offered only partial relief.

In this TedTalks video, Frederico tells how he found an alternative pathway to health through exercises to retrain his brain, but it was the addition of music—which prompted him to dance—that caused a breakthrough.

“Using my body I was able to teach my brain, it takes exercise, discipline, a lot of work and time, but there’s something else… There is something that we might underestimate, that can be revolutionary, which is different for each person, patient, human being… This was my something!”

What is music for you?


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