Navel Gazing

Navel Gazing—inward reflection—is not a sign of narcissism. Instead, it is most useful when you take the time to consciously consider and analyze your beliefs and actions for the purpose of learning. In fact, navel gazing is a crucial step toward your growth and development. As a Christian who regularly spends time in inner reflection, my navel… Read More

Discern, Choose, then Practice

At a recent talk at Influence, a multi-generational woman’s group at Liberty Evangelical Free Church in Pella, Iowa, we explored the idea of renewing our minds. Is it possible? The Bible says it is. So does science. It start with choosing what we are going to think about. Yes, you can choose your thoughts. And… Read More

unbiased reporting–an oxymoron!

A detective asks an eye witness to tell what she saw. “Just the facts, Ma’am.” The woman gives a careful accounting of what had just transpired. A man who had been across the street also relates what he had witnessed. However, there are subtle variations in their reports even though both try to recall and repeat what they had seen without… Read More

wounded by words

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” NOT TRUE! Researchers have shown that the same area of the brain lights up—the interior cingulate gyrus—when you experience hurtful words as it does when you experience physical pain. Words are real—they enter your brain as electro-magnetic forces; they become thoughts. Every… Read More