Navel Gazing

iktjboa9tiNavel Gazing—inward reflection—is not a sign of narcissism. Instead, it is most useful when you take the time to consciously consider and analyze your beliefs and actions for the purpose of learning. In fact, navel gazing is a crucial step toward your growth and development.

As a Christian who regularly spends time in inner reflection, my navel gazing has a bigger purpose than myself. I ask the Holy Spirit to show me the part of me that I have linked to him, and the parts of me that I am sinfully and stubbornly hanging on to.

What I do and say is a clear indication of what I really believe. What I do and say comes out of the beliefs that I have and the thoughts that I think, and when my actions say something other than what I profess to believe, it’s time for introspection, analysis, and surrender to God that which I’ve been holding onto.

“Why Should You Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)” by Jennifer Porter is written for those involved in business leadership, but it spoke to me in a spiritual way as well. Do you regularly spend time thinking things through? This article will convince you of its importance.

Why do I avoid self reflection?

  • I don’t understand.
  • I don’t like process or result.
  • I can’t see what good it does.

How can I move past avoidance into interaction with the Holy Spirit?

  • What is the question I should be asking myself?
  • Do I think I have to journal or make a plan of action? Instead, I need to find a way to reflect that meets my personality and lifestyle.
  • Start small; start short.
  • Just do it.

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