Women, Own Your Awesome

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Women, do you think of yourself as a leader? Julie Foudy—who played on the US women’s soccer team for two decades that won World Cups and Olympic medals—tells you her biggest life lesson. Each one of us is equipped to be a leader, “we just have to learn to raise our hand.”

Julie Foudy continues, “You could be a quiet leader like Mia Hamm, a vocal leader like Abby Wambach (or, let’s be honest, “Loudy Foudy”), an emotional leader like Brandi Chastain, a cerebral leader, a nerdy leader, you get it. You just had to find your unique approach, your way. No need to be a celebrity or a leadership expert, you just had to care enough to raise your hand.”

annie-spratt-61561-WEBIf you’re working with teenage girls, I invite you to get this book now—better yet, yesterday! Choose to Matter is readable, and has a fun layout and lots of entertainment mixed in with games, activities, and resources to explore where you are as an individual and in a group.

If you want to here more about the book’s content, hear it from the author’s mouth in this NPR interview with Julie Foudy.


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