Body Language Builds Confidence

praiseOur body language not only talks to others about who we are, what we think, and what we are capable of. It is a reflection of our self-talk.

Our bodies change our mind,

and our mind changes our behavior,

and our behavior changes our outcomes.

Want to know how this works? Listen to a fascinating TEDtalks by Amy Cuddy titled Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.

Struggling to feel confident in a situation: job interview, big volleyball game, joining in a discussion, an important social occasion…? Have I got the video for you!

Check it out. If you like the “why” and the “scientific progression,” watch the whole thing. If you want to cheat and cut to the punch line, start at minute 13 (and you will probably go back and listen to the whole thing anyway to find out why it works).

2 thoughts on “Body Language Builds Confidence

  1. We are now getting your blogs. I gave the directions to Deb and Diane to get to the blog about Tara. They re fun and good – not something I could do. Good for you. Wow! – Janet

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