What is God’s Will?

My father died slowly—nine excruciating months after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. When well-meaning friends tried to comfort me with “it is God’s will,” I was furious. Surely God did not intend such torture for my father or his family. We had prayed constantly and worked for a cure with everything that Western medicine… Read More

For those left behind…

Close friends for almost 50 years; Our kids called them Uncle Larry and Aunt Jan: conservative midwesterners, passionate believers, straight arrows came to town for a visit and a 50th Central College reunion, and our family gathered to spend Sunday with these special more-than-friends. But something was different. To quote their daughter’s text: “Holy #@! Mom… Read More

“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.”

“Life’s not fair; don’t expect it to be.” ~Monty Williams Monty Williams, retired NBA player and Assistant Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, lost hiswife in a traffic accident in February 2016. Three of his five children were also in the car but survived. The person who caused the accident was inebriated. Monty had promised… Read More

a variety of gifts for the common good

My dad died over 20 years ago but for the last week he’s been on my mind. We’d been hiking with children and grandchildren in the Colorado mountains. Growing up, my family’s favorite camping spots were in mountains. We loved to hike, and my dad was one enthusiastic trekker. Back home, the  fond memories continued to… Read More