Dig into Romans with Me (Week 29-Romans 15-16)

Hopefully last week’s video helped you remember all the themes that Paul included in his letter to the Romans. He revealed the Gospel message: Jesus offered His life so everyone can be justified. When the Israelites, past and present, rejected God, all others were who believe were and are grafted into His covenant family. Together,… Read More

We always need love

The need for love doesn’t just disappear when we reach adulthood. It is at the center of our emotional desires. We are made in God’s image, and his love is poured out all over us. But because we have boxed in love and developed incomplete and sometimes unhealthy definitions of it, it can be hard… Read More

Colossians 1:1-2 Does God have your attention?

Before his name was changed, Paul was fanatically persecuting and overseeing the killing of Jesus-followers. He was convinced that he was cleansing the world, and he was full of himself and his own importance. It took the drama of a blinding light, a  heavenly voice, and a period of sightless malaise to get his attention.… Read More