what’s in your heart?

In Christ, an everyday man or woman becomes someone with the power and authority to expose the devil’s schemes to drive him out and away from all things. The everyday man or woman “in Christ” has the power to speak truth into lies, cultivate righteousness into moral confusion, and inject peace into earthly conflict. The… Read More

family tree

If you believe you may be embroiled in generational  sin, I recommend a book, Released to Soar, by physician Dr. Peter Boelens and his wife Eleanor. They have been practicing an amazing treatment for depression and anxiety–healing prayer that invites Christ into painful memories. Dr. Boelens recommends that you construct a family tree, including problem areas.… Read More

Growing to maturity

If you are a victim of abuse, you remain a victim until you choose to enter into the healing process–which includes forgiveness. When you choose to forgive your abuser(s), it releases the hold that the abuser(s) has over you. Your choice to forgive begins to remove the pain and scars they have left in your… Read More

Do you need healing from abuse?

We started a discussion on abuse and its opposite–Godly child-rearing–on August 30, 2013, with talking about the blueprint that God has given us for character building. It’s a detailed plan, and it’s risky to build a house without one if you want it  last for any length of time. You need to follow rules of… Read More

Let the Healing Begin

Experiences play a leading role in our character development. Our growing up years set the stage for the rest of our lives. We can become type-cast, locked into a role that is not of our choosing, a role that responds to the experiences of our young lives. An adult who suffered abuse as a child… Read More

Don’t speed

God isn’t in a big hurry—he is outside of time. We are the ones who hurry, and we need to be careful that we don’t try to speed through our sanctification process. Instead, we are to listen and keep pace with the Holy Spirit. Let him lead and guide how fast transformation happens. If, after… Read More