Our words reveal our character

wordsThe words that come out of the mouths of the the people in a book are vital clues to their character. In the book I am currently writing, the mother of one of the lead characters had a big influence on his life. We get to know her–in the most part–by the maxims she repeated often.

I thought it might be interesting to list a few of her sayings that are scattered throughout the book. Read through them and see if you get a picture of what this person is like.

  • People don’t know what to expect from anything or anyone new or different–they get frightened, and their responses can be cruel or dismissive. You must learn to not take it personally.
  • Never be afraid to see the opportunities that Yahweh puts in front of you–just grab them and hold on.
  • Worries go down better with soup than without.
  • First mend yourself, then mend others.
  • Quit meditating on whether the flea has a belly button.
  • Draw close to God, so when the walls fall down, you are held up.

What kind of a mother would she be? What guesses can you make about her life experiences? Would these words seem natural coming out of the mouth of someone in your life? Who?

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