“Am I Enough?”

I am a grandma now, but I struggled with the “am I enough?” curse before during and after children for so many years. This blog spoke to my heart, and I hope it reaches yours. Kathie

Barren to Beautiful

This week my husband walks in the door after a long day at work to find: dishes piled in the sink, laundry all over the living room, the beef for dinner still in a frozen block, and me…looking like Frump Queen. He is gracious. And tells me to take a nap. I instantly obey. (Inwardly rejoicing.) And while I am sleeping for 45 minutes, he manages to clean the whole house…while watching our daughter. (A feat I clearly was incapable of accomplishing today. Many days.)

One part of my feels grateful the house is clean. I can relax now, right? But the other (bigger) part of me feels guilty and defeated. He just worked the whole day at his job, and then came home and did mine, too. Isn’t this why I am staying home? 

Every day I have this desire to accomplish something. But every day it feels I accomplish nothing. I…

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2 thoughts on ““Am I Enough?”

  1. Thanks, Dave. It has taken me a lifetime to accept God’s design for me. It is so easy to want to remold ourselves into the person we think we should be–and we are never satisfied with what we turn out to be. It’s only when we look for God’s design, thank him for the traits and abilities he blessed us with, and ask him how they should be used that we find peace with who we are. Hey, that could be a good sermon!


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