The Super Secret Menu of a Weekend Barista

stocksnap_s62t5urqjzIn my hours as a weekend barista brewing and steaming and stirring, I’ve made oodles of variations of drinks and foods for customers and friends, not to mention all of the items I have concocted to delight my own taste buds. Do you trust me? Check out my top-rated orders at Pella’s Smokey Row.

  • Many mornings before school, I stop into Smokey Row and order my absolutely favorite drink: “The Cafe Miel.” The creamy soy milk and espresso infused with honey and a dash of cinnamon always sets my day off to a sweet start.
  • If I am feeling a little more health conscience, I order black coffee. My favorite flavor is the Southern Pecan Blend, while  the Peaberry Tanzania comes in first in the origin category.
  • Holidays are exciting because special drinks pop onto the menu.
    • “The Campfire Mocha,” creamy marshmallow and decadent chocolate infused into a latte, make me feel as if I’m singing ballads around a fire with a roasting stick in my hand.
    • When jingle bells fill the air, the sweetness of “the Eggnog Latte” can’t be beat. To avoid an overly sweet brew, I ask the barista to steam half eggnog and half milk together. A sprinkle of cinnamon and whipped cream make the drink extra festive.
    • “The Blushing Pink” shows up around Valentine’s Day, and is the perfect beverage to make you feel the love. This white chocolate mocha with raspberry steamed into the milk, takes on a pretty n’ pink pigment.
  • If I need something sweet to pair with my coffee drink, I always choose a cone—cranberry-orange is the best!
  • Lunch time rolls around, and on a cold winter day I can’t wait to order chili and cheeseburger chowder mixed together with cheese sprinkles on top. While the combination may sound odd, it truly is worth trying because it always hits the spot.
  • Nighttime is when my ice cream craving kicks in, and the Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Smokey Row Shake satisfies. It was introduced to me by my brother and fellow barista, Eric who pours salted caramel syrup and peanut butter on a base of vanilla ice cream. A double shot of espresso adds caffeine and balance—try it and feel your tastebuds fall in love!!
  • One of the most frequently ordered ice cream flavors is peanut butter fudge. I like to put a little spin on it, however, by topping it with gobs of creamy peanut butter sauce and a single shot of espresso. Peanut butter advocates spin in circles after tasting it!
  • A strawberry smoothie made with orange juice instead of milk, my version of the drink has a tasteful deviation.
  • A healthier option and a convenient on-the-go breakfast, is the super green smoothie, made of spinach, peanut butter, soy milk, ice, and a banana. It’s sweet and sensible!

Not everyone’s flavor palates are the same, but it’s always good to try new things! If any of these options got your tummy growlin’ and your mouth watering, I encourage you to stop by and try something new—I may even serve you myself!

Guest Blogger: Sarah Posthuma

sarahpI am a junior at Pella Christian High School, and for the first two weeks in January I will be interning with Kathleen Evenhouse through the school’s Winterim program. Winterim internships provide students with the opportunity to explore different career fields. I am interested in a career in either writing, or psychology. Because of Kathie’s extensive experience in writing and marketing, I am confident that I will be able to reap much knowledge from her. This experience will hopefully give me a deeper insight into what God wants for my future.
These blogs posted through my internship will be from the setting of a coffee shop in Pella and are for the purpose of developing my creative skills.

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