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Art Flourishes in Community

Many artists will tells you, they can’t NOT paint, draw, create… It’s one of the things they were created to do. That would undoubtedly be true for the members of a group called Call to Create.

Call to Create is a creative community blending art & prayer,” said Lori Heschke. “That may sound a little mysterious, but it’s really a beautiful way to focus on and communicate with God.”

The group meets regularly to:

  • Explore praying in color, painting, mixed media, & more. (Simply put, this is using visual art to pray, to show God’s biblical words to you, and more.)
  • Express ourselves creatively to discover a deeper relationship with our heavenly Father.
  • Encourage each other to learn and grow


Along with their individual art, the group recently worked together during an evening service at Third Reformed Church. This “group painting” (above) was created in the context of prayer and worship.

Currently the group consists of Sharon Gosselink, Susan Vander Linden, Anna Belzer, Aubrey Belzer, Lori Heschke, Sarah Marie Heschke, and Hannah Heschke.

IMG_1709-SharonGosselink    Sharon Gosselink

SusanVL-2 SusanVL-1Susan Vander Linden


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