building teams with individuals

soldiersPlaneTeams are individual personalities working together toward a unified goal.

Large teams are individuals in multiple teams, each with its own personality.


A good team:

  • has a common purpose
  • watches each others’ backs
  • models itself historically after the Three Musketeers: “all for one and one for all.”
  • follows the motto of science fiction’s Mr. Spock’s on Start Trek: “The good of the many supersedes the good of the one.”

The best team leaders:

  • earn the position. they’re not ones who take over
  • are willing to be the point of the arrow head
  • present goals in a way that gets others to buy in
  •  set the tone by example
  • step up and take responsibility
  • adjust as situation demands
  • demonstrate how to follow effectively
  • seek direction from a moral compass

What personalities may you find on your teams?

  • the brain trust
  • the moral compass
  • the enthusiast
  • the discontented also-ran
  • the jealous striver
  • the quick trigger
  • the steady Freddy
  • the Willy-Nilly who can’t quite totally buy into the team concept
  • the jokester
  • the free thinker
  • the rote worker
  • as many other personalities as there are people

An effective team has members who:

  • play their parts
  • adapt personal preferences so as not to disrupt teamwork with jealousy
  • respect and are accountable to each other
  • are motivated to work with the team toward their goal

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