Obstacles Provoke Questions

You’ve chosen the “road less taken,” the straight-and-narrow highway, the path of Christ.

We set out on our journey and we meet blessings, giftings, opportunities, presence, anointing, power and authority…

taxi_trafficBut as you drive down life’s road, you also get snarled in the heavy traffic of tribulation, opposition, warfare, persecution and all kinds of obstacles. Is your response, like mine often is, “take all this trouble away!”

The obstacles can only be there with the permission of God, so when we encounter them , it’s time to pause and ask a few questions, such as “What is it I need to learn here?” and “How do I need to grow in You, Lord, to continue on the road you have laid out for me?”

People don’t change directions or expand their driving skills when the road is smooth and traffic is light; it takes pressure. People don’t change when they see the light, but when they feel the heat.

Barriers provoke questions, that provoke the Holy Spirit’s response of wisdom and growth, that bring us closer to God.


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