“Sticky and Easy” a nonprofit guide to media marketing

stickyandeasyNonprofits do wonderful things, and I often wish I could support all of them. The reality is,
I have to pick and choose. That means, I have to hear about nonprofits and be convinced that their work is something I want to get involved in.

Unfortunately, on shoestring budgets, nonprofits often skimp on media marketing—a practice guaranteeing continuing shoestring budgets. In my professional life and as a volunteer, I have helped with multiple media campaigns, but still I defer to the expertise of this author, Robert Leonard.

“I wanted to make this available as an e-book rather than print so that I could keep the costs down for the nonprofits who need to hear this message,” Leonard told me this morning in the coffee shop where we both do a lot of our writing.

I checked it out, read the sample pages, and believe this is a steal at $5.99.

Interested? If you’re part of a nonprofit you should be—check it out and see if there’s something you’ve been missing in your media coverage.


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