Find a Balanced Life—Know Yourself

0hvh69rzjxs-maria-victoria-heredia-reyes-smallDo you know yourself? Recognize your strengths and weaknesses?

We are are designed by God with natural abilities, personality traits, physical attributes, and a mind and heart ready for learning. It’s our experiences, thoughts, and learning that can push our personality traits too far to either end the sliding scale.

Michael Hyatt talks in this blog about how he is a focused, goal-oriented performer, pushing this trait so far up the sliding scale that it affected his relationships and living in the “now.” He tells how he found help to find a healthy balance.

The Bible tells us we can “renew our minds,” and God designed our minds to make that possible. Dr. Carolyn Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc in Logopedics and Audiology, specializing in metacognitive and cognitive neuropsychology. She uses those credentials, learning, and experience to help people know themselves and to be able to renew their minds.

Taking the time to look inwardly to see what makes you tick. This kind of personality framework can be a true reve—lation.

Do you know your own strengths and landmines?


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