Keep a Tight Rein

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

I got out of bed in a rush, took care of the first few things on the to-do list, and hopped in my car. Errands done, I found my habitual table in Smokey Row coffee shop and took out my computer to write today’s blog. But I couldn’t settle into it.

In my rush “to do” this morning, I skipped starting the day with God. So I turned to a devotional blogger I subscribe to—Wayne Stiles. He’d posted just the blog I needed to read today.

I’d started my day focused on me and caffeine. My horse was heading for the barn by 10 a.m…

“The secret to handling the horse in our hearts comes from keeping a tight rein on our sinful nature. Never give it an inch of slack. As docile as it promises to be, as tame as it has proven itself over the years, never trust it.

“It will betray you if you let it.”

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