The Brain: Fascinating Facts

GD2ROM-header-blogUnlike Las Vegas, what happens in your brain does NOT stay in your brain. The thoughts that you think are communicated to your whole body, in fact they move into your genes.

Healthy thoughts have chemical formulas attached to them that are positively expressed as they travel throughout your body. Fear-based thoughts, on the other hand, can cause all kinds of physical problems with prolonged exposure.

The expression, “I was worried sick,” is true. The chemical formula that attaches to fear-based thought trees is caustic and corrosive. These chemicals are sent throughout your body, and can make you sick—literally. Have you ever felt something “in the pit of your stomach” or “had butterflies in your stomach?” That began as a thought whether or not it registered on the radar screen in your brain’s traffic control system.

Your thoughts are not only physically living in your brain, they are physically affecting your whole body.

Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain

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